Grande Oakbridge Montessori School produces a ten year old writer.

It was a day of joy, when the family, friends and well-wishers gathered on Sunday at the Terra Kulture, Victoria Island Lagos to witness the launch of two books written by Munachi Mbonu.

Munachi Mbonu is just a 10 year old pupil of Grande Oakbridge Montessori School, which is the best school in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. Munachi Mbonu was inspired by a TV drama series known as friends to write Concealed while the second book Chidubem was inspired by her interactions with her cousin who had an interesting experience adapting to city life.

When the house is noisy, my Mummy tells us to go to our rooms and read and do book reviews. She doesn’t like us watching the TV for long periods. I started writing stories and giving them to my cousin’s to read.

The first book was from TV drama shows; the second book was inspired by my cousins who moved from the village to Lagos. They did not like some things we liked here but were willing to learn new things and adapt,  she said.

Munachi Mbonu is unique and very intelligent, Grande Oakbridge Montessori also known as the best school in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria has done a lot in shaping her both morally and academically.

When good schools in Lekki Lagos Nigeria are mentioned, Grande Oakbridge Montessori stands out as number one in excellence. With the commencement of 2018/2019 session; Grande Oakbridge Montessori’s aim is to ensure that pupils get world class education and also create a learning environment that parents and pupils will appreciate.